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Church Planting

The New Life Baptist Church is a church-planting church. Its
mission is to birth other self-multiplying congregations.  It
began as a daughter church in 1995 and has served as a
mother church for five other congregations and for sending
out five missionaries to various parts of Peru.
Two congregations were born of the efforts of our church in
1998 and 2000 in Manchay. Recently two new congregations
were begun by our Missionary Walter Mattos in Villa el
Salvador and El Mirador. The newest member of our family is
a new church beginning in Lurίn, south of Lima.

Click on the map of Lima to see the                                 
location of all the works started or                                   
sponsored by Partners for Peru.

7 Core Practices @ New Life Baptist Church

belief that the Great Commission does not end with the
missionary planting a church.  We have worked hard to instill
the heart of missions into each church we have a part in One
of the core philosophies of ministry we hold dearly is the
planting by teaching them their role in reaching the lost of the
world.  So far it's working!!!  Over the years the mother One
of the core philosophies of ministry we hold dearly is the
church has sent out five missionaries.  Click on the map below
to get to know them.
Training God's Servants

The Baptist Bible Seminary
of Lima was founded in 1965.
Since its inception we have
had 391 graduates who are
serving the Lord in various
parts of Peru and around the
world.  Oliver Williams
became the director in 1976.
We have graduates that are
ministering in eight different
countries, including, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela,
England, U.S., Australia, as well as Peru.  In Peru alone we know
of graduates working in 20 different cities or areas of the country,
and in 15 different districts in metropolitan Lima, the capitol city.  
Currently we are averaging around 55 full-time students attending
the day classes, with another 15 students in our night school.
Oliver & Gloria Williams - Directors of the Bible College
            Camp Ministries

rewarding things we do.  Every year we host more than 800
youth and children for our camps.  We routinely witness
dozens of souls saved and countless others making life
changing decisions.  Many of our Bible College students and
Our ministry to young people every summer is one of the most
Peruvian pastors can trace their calling directly back to a
summer at Camp.  For years we have been renting camp
facilities.  Recently, Bible College director Oliver Williams
purchased a large piece of land so that the Baptist Bible
Mission would be able to build their own campgrounds.  
Partners for Peru is proud to play a part in this.  For more
informaiton on the project please go to the
"What's New?"
page of our site.
Discipleship/Spiritual Growth

For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor
uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.      Galatians 5:6

We have developed a comprehensive discipleship
system built around this central theme of faith
working by love.  We call it FARO (faro is
Spanish for lighthouse).  Using the acronym
we have developed a very comprehensive set
of courses in order to grow up our people in
the faith:
1. F= fe (faith) - Basic Bible truths
2. A= amor (love) - the Centrality of the Local Church
3. R= renovacion (renewal) - Spiritual Growth/Disciplines
4. O= obras (works) - Employing Spiritual Gifts & Missions

The FARO system has been adopted by seven
other Lima area churches.
Lima, Peru
Meet our missionaries
Missionaries of the
New Life Baptist Church
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David & Tonya
with Nico Ochoa:
graduate of the Bible
College and missionary
sent out by the New Life
Baptist Church
Brian & Mychelle     
with Christian and
Nico, two graduates
from the New Life
Baptist Church
Commitment time at Camp
Oliver & Gloria Williams
Directors of the Bible College