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Our Country
Machu Picchu - One of the New Seven Wonders of the World
Historic Central Square in downtown Lima
Map of Peru
The Nazca Lines in the desert (can you see the two people?)
Mom and girl with alpaca and llama
Presedential Palace
Guinness World Record Water Park in Lima
Currently our team members live and work in
Lima, in the southwestern part of Peru.  It is
our dream to expand our base as we work
together alongside Peruvian nationals to plant
more churches in other parts of Peru.

Following are some of the best websites we
have found with the most information and
resources on Peru.  Enjoy!!

infoplease -
Click Here
NatGeo - Click Here
wikipedia - Click Here
World Atlas (maps) - Click Here
Frommer's Travel Guide - Click Here
South American Explorers - Click Here

Online Photo Galleries:
Peru Travel Adventures
The Water Park with Light Show
is in the Guinness Book
of World Records

See it here
A Few Pics...
(mouse over photo for description)
Peruvian Peppers...yeah they're hot!!!
A collage of Peru (click for a larger image)
The Andes Mountains
Lima at night...the city never rests
Guinea Pig, a Peruvian delicacy
Little known fact: The potato originated in Peru
Grilled Anticuchos (Beef Heart...yum)
Go to video on Lima, Peru
Go to video on Machu Picchu
Watch video on the Nazca Lines
See a promo video on Peru
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